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1992 Nissan Skyline GTR for Sale - (FL)

GTR for Sale

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1992 Nissan Skyline GTR. Genuine mileage: 71,400 km or 46,000 miles. Accident free.

This car is completely OEM, including original intake, exhaust, fog lamps and radio. Extremely uncommon to find.

With mileage this low and a car with literally 0 modifications, there may not be another chance to have a R32 GTR this original again for under 100k. You have been watching where the prices have been going on GTRs, you will understand. We imported the first R32 GTR under the 25 year rule at 12:01am August 1st 2014 and almost 8 years later we are still the top Skyline GTR importer in the US. We have imported more Skyline GTRs into the US then anyone else and this one isn’t what your looking for, we can find what you are.

All car sales are final. Please inquire and request as much information as needed. We will never deny a reasonable request and can not be held responsible thereafter. Unfortunately, since every car we sell is a quarter century old or older, we can not offer warranty services. Please read the entirety of our FAQ page, it details maintenance and common issues to be expected. Asking 71,900.

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GTR for Sale