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1992 R32 Nissan GTR for Sale - (GA)

Nissan GTR for Sale

Up for sale is my 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR that I bought back in October of 2017, a couple months after being imported by Driver Motorsports (have copies of the U.S. Customs entry form & EPA Declaration forms from importation by Driver Motorsports). This Skyline is in incredible condition for its age and is one of the lucky ones that doesn't have rust issues. The vehicle is a blast to drive but the time has come to move on. Over the course of 7 years I have only driven the vehicle around 5,000 miles, mainly as a grocery getter and the occasional special outing. I have personally maintained this vehicle mechanically and for larger mechanical jobs like timing belt changes etc I have taken it to the only specialized Skyline shop I trust, Countersteer in Canton. Even though I love this Skyline, it is a garage queen and doesn't get driven as much as it should. See below for the list of mods/restoration that has been done over the history of owning the vehicle.

I’m in no hurry to sell this vehicle and do not need help selling it. Title in hand and will not entertain any test drives without proof of funds.

Mods that came installed on the Skyline upon importation: -Original 732 Black Paint -Car is Ceramic Coated -ATS Twin Disc Clutch (no slipping at all) -Trust Intake Filters -Trust Down Pipe -Megan Racing Test Pipe -HKS Hi-Power Silent Exhaust -HKS Booster Controller (set on stock boost) -Very Rare OEM Rear Bumper EL Lighting Skyline Garnish (EL Lighting no longer works but people do convert to LED) -HKS Cam Gears -RG JTC N1 Coilovers -Cusco Tension Arms -R34 Wheels (Powder Coated Gray) -Personal Steering Wheel -Tomei Shift Knob -Blitz Boost Gauge -Apexi Front Strut Brace -Unknown Rear strut brace

Work That has Been Done or Added Since 2017: -Low Mileage Stock Twin Turbos -HKS Intercooling Piping -Clutch Master Cylinder replaced -All Intake Coolant/Airline hoses replaced -Fuel Lines and Fuel Filter Replaced -Tomei Metal Exhaust Manifold Gasket Installed -Tomei Metal Intake Manifold Gasket Installed -HKS Intake Throttle Body Gasket Installed -Timing Belt kit: Belt, Tensioner, Idler, Spring (Installed by Countersteer) -Cam and Crank Seals (Installed by Countersteer) -New Water Pump and Thermostat (Installed by Countersteer) -New Valve Cover Gaskets (Installed by Countersteer) -New Koyo Radiator (Installed by Countersteer)

Asking 58,999.

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Nissan GTR for Sale