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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR for Sale - (TN)

GTR for Sale

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1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR late model. 64K miles or 104 Kilometers. Runs and drives amazing. Engine and transmission work beautifully without issue.

Kept in the garage at all times. Only driven in nice weather. Never been in the rain or driven after a rain. No boost leaks or any issues like that.

Below is a list of the modifications and upgrades (mileage and date of each item is noted in the maintenance log): Engine/Performance:

  • HKS 2530 twin turbo kit (GTIII version, installed new)
  • Stainless steel oil and water feed lines
  • Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifolds (heat wrapped)
  • Midori Seibi Turbo Outlet Pipes (heat wrapped and silicone coated)
  • Mines Equal Length Front Pipe (heat wrapped and silicone coated)
  • HKS Super Turbo Cat-back Exhaust
  • Haltech Platinum Pro ECU
  • Haltech Wideband Controller + Sensor
  • Electronic Boost Controller (set to 13 psi)
  • Haltech Multi-function CAN gauge
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • R35 Ignition Coil Kit (Coils + Supertec bracket)
  • Custom ignition coil boots installed (so the valley cover can be installed without modification)
  • New Wiring Specialties Ignition Coil Harness
  • Apexi Intake Kit
  • Nismo Solid Shifter
  • Dyno tune and performance confirmation (at Dynosty)


  • Greddy Oil Filter Cooler + Relocation kit (oil filter moved to common area close to strut tower and cooler installed in the front left behind the bumper)
  • Enkei RPF1 wheels
  • Potenza RE-11 Tires with plenty of tread
  • TH1 Paint Code
  • N1 color valley cover, cam covers, and timing belt cover
  • Nismo Stainless Steel brake lines all-around
  • Replaced the rear brake hardlines (from the rear distribution block to each caliper)
  • Securing hardware for brake lines and calipers replaced
  • Both CV boots on front left shaft replaced
  • Front left inner and outer ball joints replaced
  • Front left tie-rod replaced
  • EBC brake pads installed
  • Brake fluid flush and replacement (Motul RBF600)
  • Front brake distribution line replaced with new OEM (connects the Nismo line to the actual caliper)


  • Nismo Old Logo 320 km/h gauge cluster installed (actual mileage confirmed before the changed)
  • Works Bell quick-release hub (compact version)
  • Nardi Competition 330mm steering wheel (black perforated leather with grey stitching)
  • Right window motor replaced
  • Shift boot and parking brake boot replaced
  • Nismo Shift Knob
  • Plastic/trim restorer applied to all applicable surfaces
  • Blue LEDs installed in the gauge cluster (with exception of turn signals)


  • Differential oils replaced at the time of import by shop in Japan
  • Transmission oil changed at the time of import by shop in Japan
  • 100km service was done at the time of tuning (Tomei Timing Belt + N1 water pump + New idler and tensioner pulleys + New cam and shaft seals + New tensioner pulley spring)
  • 4WD disabling switch installed
  • Front center grill bar clips replaced
  • Various nuts/bolts replaced with zinc-coated hardware
  • Upper bumper mounting clips replaced
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Regular oil changes and filter replacement
  • Greddy magnetic oil drain plug
  • Coolant flush and replacement
  • ACDelco Battery replacement
  • Wheel alignment at Nissan dealership (after tie-rod installation)
  • New fusible link set (connects the battery positive terminals to the wiring harness with new red cover)
  • Nismo radiator cap
  • Tomei Oil Cap


  • Minor paint correction is necessary in some areas
  • The paint on the underside of the hood in the front needs to be fixed
  • The intake manifold still had the original paint, so it’s peeled a bit
  • Briko clock is not working

The car was tuned at Dynosty in Louisville, KY. It is making 364 hp and 283 lb-ft of torque (graph is attached in the photos). Currently set to 13psi via the electronic boost controller and MAP sensor. The stock fuel system is still installed, so it’s the current power limitation. With the listed parts, there is still plenty of head room for more power with an upgraded fuel system. The engine is still in great shape and was compression tested at Dynosty during the 100km service before tuning. Cylinder compression testing results (in psi): #1: 170, #2: 165, #3: 170, #4: 180, #5: 163, #6: 169. Given the low number of miles and these results, I assume the engine internals are still stock, but I haven’t confirmed it. The car starts and drives perfectly without any issues and sounds awesome with the exhaust system.

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GTR for Sale